Thursday, July 3, 2008

Unusual Book Find Update

Believe me when I say that it is a tad overwhelming to have this little, newborn blog go from ten hits a day to, well, about 30,000 in the last three days courtesy of the various links to the unusual book find post. Thanks to everyone for your input and suggestions about what I should do with the stuff. Your comments have been extremely helpful. At this point I doubt that I will scan and upload the photos to Flickr, at least not the hardcore ones, because that would make me, in a roundabout way, a pornographer, right? and I’m supposed to be a decent, mild-mannered bookseller (although my anonymity does give me some leverage…). I’m still trying to decide what to do and will keep you posted. I apologize for not coming to a swift decision and sincerely thank you for your patience.

Updated Update:

Okay. I am narrowing down my options. Thanks to the good advice of anonymous commenter #1 from this post, I’ve decided it would be wise to avoid any legal issues that might arise from posting any more of the pictures online. I will, however, leave the current one up. So to all the good people out there who keep coming back for more boobs and sausage, it’s officially not going to happen (although, on second thought, I can pretty much guarantee that there will be unrelated posts/pics in the near future involving boobs…). Plus, if these books do wind up in the hands of a serious collector, I’m sure he or she would appreciate knowing the images have not been widely broadcast across the internet.